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Welcome to Crimson Studios, the home of Internet Options for Intelligent People. Crimson Studios, founded by DaShan and Erica Thomas, is a total image management company, offering services ranging from web development and graphic design to custom software solutions.

Crimson Studios has been around since the web was young – since blinking text was the hot new special effect for websites. Since then, our range of services and family of satisfied customers has grown. Our regular clientele include businesses both large and small, from Chicago to Colorado to the UK. We offer web design, custom software and scripting, branding services, SEO, computer repair and, consulting. MassUpdater is a line of out-of-the box software originally made available for sale on Amazon.com. We have reinternalized this software line today, so that it can be used to produce new products within our own umbrella, such as NetworkHoncho.com – the New Social Media for Business. We offer data mining and web scraping, video editing and video shoots. Testimonials, pricing and examples of our work available upon request.

Our primary client focus these days is upon custom software for niche needs, but we still accept new clients for web development, be they full scale corporate sites or simple WordPress Templates – no client too big or small. We also accept a limited number of new clients for any of our additional services. Contact us for more information.

We are very excited about the release of NetworkHoncho.com – the New Social Media For Business – now in Beta. Head over and sign up today.

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